Brake Linings for Wind Turbines

Eurobremsband develops, manufactures and sells advanced friction materials according to customer requirements.
More than 30 different materials are currently used worldwide, predominantly in the original equipment markets.

Brake Rotors and Friction Cones

All our products are manufactured without the use of solvents, they do not contain heavy metal compounds, and of course no asbestos.

Friction Washers

We supply sheets and brake band material for further processing; roll formed or moulded parts according to customer's drawings. We produce friction rings, segments of a ring or drum brake linings - ready to be fixed to metal or plastic shoes / carriers.

Drum Brake Linings

Applications static or dynamic brakes, clutch facing  - or sliding materials

Moulded Rolls

Eurobremsband is your competent and independent partner for high quality and durable products